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Classic Look on Ubuntu 11.10 – aka I want my Gnome classic back !

October 15, 2011 23 comments

I am not pleased at all with the new Unity and Gnome 3 look+feel Ubuntu has recently published when upgrading/installing Ubuntu 11.10. I find it uncomfortable, not intuitive and I generally don´t like the Look+Feel if you were used to Gnome2 without Unity. (which I disabled as soon as I got it running in 11.04)

Good news, there is a way back:

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Logout, and choose Gnome Classic in the Login Screen.

The most noticable change is when you try to change the panel contents. Right clicking on the panel isn´t working anymore – but don´t panic. Just use ALT+Right Mouse and you can add/remove panel or content to the panel you were used to.

If I wouldn´t have noticed the way back to classic gnome look, I would have really considered leaving Ubuntu at all, though I was a very early user of Ubuntu – since it was released. If I would want a Smartphone Look+Feel on my desktop, I would buy one of those giant XXXL+ Android phones or tablets.

Well, I finally took the decision to bust Ubuntu. The Gnome 3 thing wasn´t the only reason, but my installed version was always an update from release to release – so it was pretty slow already. I switched to Linux Mint 11 and I will stay with this version for now, because Mint 12 will have gnome 3 too.
For all of those who especially don´t like Nautilus (see my other post on this blog) I found pcmanfm as an alternative – no clue if it works in Gnome 11.10 too. But it looks pretty similiar to Nautilus of gnome 2.x


Ubuntu Taschenrechner – Komma funktioniert nicht

June 10, 2011 3 comments

Beim gcalculator (dem systemeigenen Taschenrechner von Gnome) in Ubuntu 11.04 habe ich kürzlich entdeckt, dass er keine Kommas über das Numpad akzeptiert, sondern nur umständlich über die “Punkt” Taste.

Dieser Bug ist nicht neu und laut bugreports hängt er mit der deutschen locale zusammen. Obwohl der Eintrag schon aus 2009 war und als gelöst markiert wurde, tritt er scheinbar wieder bzw. sporadisch auf.

Dazu ein einfacher Workaround:
Menü —> Einstellungen –> Tastatur

Im Belegungen-Reiter auf Optionen —> Belegungsauswahl des Nummernblocks —> Veraltet

Damit sollte das Komma wieder wie gewohnt funktionieren.

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Generate strong WPA2 passwords with Ubuntu

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment

To secure wpa/wpa2 keys from brute-force or dictionary-attacks, it is evident to use strong, that means long and purely randomly generated keys, which are in addition generated with a strong algorithm.

WPA/WPA2 limits the length of passwords to 63 digits, including upper/lowercase and special characters – so that’s what we are trying to generate….

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Flash 10 on Firefox with Ubuntu 64 bit via script

October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

I recently found a quick and successfull way of installing Flash Player 10 RC on Ubuntu 8.04 running a 64 bit processor.

First, download this deb:

And install it via:

sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb

Then create a script somewhere, for instance


Fill it with the following code:

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Update: New youtube downloader for firefox

June 9, 2008 Leave a comment

In one of my previous posts I mentioned how to download flash videos, for instance from youtube, via plugin.

My standard Plugin for Flash downloading with Firefox 2.x, which wasn’t compatible with 3.x, has been released now in an updated , Firefox 3.x compatible version.

More info about the Plugin:

Download helper Website

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Firefox3 Beta and flash video downloader

June 7, 2008 1 comment

UPDATE: a better plugin for flash downloading has been released. Read more about it here.

As the recently released Ubuntu stable version Hardy Heron 8.04 comes with Firefox 3 (beta), my previous used plugins to download videos from Youtube aren’t currently supported, as they are mainly written for Firefox 2.x.

Therefore I had to use the Flash Video Resources downloader to be able to download those videos, which works flawlessly.

Clicking this blue symbol in the bottom right corner enables you to download the video you currently loaded via youtube:

Symbol Flash Downloader

A new page will popup after clicking the symbol, which is self explaining. Just hit the “Get Video” button, right click on the appearing “Get Flv” Field and hit “Save as” in the menu popup of firefox.

It is important, that you rename the video according to the desired name, following the type .flv.

That’s it.

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