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Ubuntu 11.10 Nautilus: Parent arrow gone – unfamiliar look.

October 16, 2011 3 comments

Yes, another thing I don´t like aobut 11.10. Nautilus look+feel has changed too. I was quite familiar with the old Nautilus way and could work very fast the way it was. Maybe I am just too lazy to learn these new “features” and user experience simplicity as they might call it. Again, I am looking for a way back to revert these changes.

First of all, it´s not possible to copy all of the old Nautilus behavior – the Parent folder arrow is still missing on the main screen. You can press ALT+UP Key to go to the parent folder – but what the heck is the reason to always get your fingers off the mouse and finger around on your keyboard ?

So, what is it I don´t like ?
1) The Tree view
2) The missing UP ARROW
3) The missing Folder view in the adress bar

So, this is the way it is out of the box in 11.10:
Old Nautilus look

And this is the result after a few modifications:
New old Nautilus

And here are the changes:

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry false

This will change to folder view instead of folder adress.

Then View –> Side Panel –> Location
(not sure if this is location, if have another locale – just other than tree)

If you still have a tree view in the main window, then change to “symbols” in the main view Menu.

Maybe take a look at pcmanfm (apt-get install pcmanfm) as an alternative to Nautilus as it looks very similiar to old Nautilus

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Classic Look on Ubuntu 11.10 – aka I want my Gnome classic back !

October 15, 2011 23 comments

I am not pleased at all with the new Unity and Gnome 3 look+feel Ubuntu has recently published when upgrading/installing Ubuntu 11.10. I find it uncomfortable, not intuitive and I generally don´t like the Look+Feel if you were used to Gnome2 without Unity. (which I disabled as soon as I got it running in 11.04)

Good news, there is a way back:

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Logout, and choose Gnome Classic in the Login Screen.

The most noticable change is when you try to change the panel contents. Right clicking on the panel isn´t working anymore – but don´t panic. Just use ALT+Right Mouse and you can add/remove panel or content to the panel you were used to.

If I wouldn´t have noticed the way back to classic gnome look, I would have really considered leaving Ubuntu at all, though I was a very early user of Ubuntu – since it was released. If I would want a Smartphone Look+Feel on my desktop, I would buy one of those giant XXXL+ Android phones or tablets.

Well, I finally took the decision to bust Ubuntu. The Gnome 3 thing wasn´t the only reason, but my installed version was always an update from release to release – so it was pretty slow already. I switched to Linux Mint 11 and I will stay with this version for now, because Mint 12 will have gnome 3 too.
For all of those who especially don´t like Nautilus (see my other post on this blog) I found pcmanfm as an alternative – no clue if it works in Gnome 11.10 too. But it looks pretty similiar to Nautilus of gnome 2.x