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Howto: Mythtv with acpi wakeup and mythwelcome

September 9, 2008 4 comments

UPDATE:Newer kernels (>2.6.22) handle wakeup alarms differently than in this howto, take a look at the official mythtv howto to cover newer kernels.

I am running an Epox 8rda+ (nforce2 chipset) with MythBuntu and will try to show, how to setup this mainboard with ACPI and mythwelcome, so that it starts with scheduled recordings and will shutdown automatically, when recording is finished.

* A working mythbuntu installation with Backend and Frontend on the same machine
* Disabled acpi function in the BIOS
* BIOS runs in UTC
* Epox 8rda+ board (I can only somewhat guarantee the functionality of this howto with this mainboard ! )
* Mythbuntu latest (with fixes) – although this howto should work basically with other combinations too – but just basically
* use of /proc/acpi/alarm
* You simultanously look at the mythtv wiki
* You don’t expect this howto to be perfect or complete

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